New course:

Norwegian Adventurers

Nature, Culture and Travel

About the course:

  • Basic outdoor education: All seasons
  • Sustainable lifestyle
  • Nature and environment
  • Community involvement 
  • Culture and religion
  • Travel and explore 
  • Europe: Erasmus plus
  • Norwegian lessons


  • Norway
  • Spain and Gibraltar with whole school

Experience norwegian culture and beautiful nature

Welcome to the our international class, open to both international and Norwegian students. This course enhances understanding of diverse languages, cultures, and histories.

we’ll embark on a journey of discovery, from majestic mountains to breathtaking fjords over the year. We’ll discovering both the Norwegian and shared cultural heritage. We will also take a closer look at today’s society from a broader perspective, through practical and engaging activities.

You’ll climb mountains, collaborate with local groups, master wilderness survival skills like orienteering, and experience exhilarating dog sledding in winter. Discover national parks, partake in beach clean-ups, forage for wild edibles, and engage with local crafts. Savor unique local cuisines, design intriguing escape rooms, and sleep under the stars or in quaint cabins. 

Join us at Bakketun for a year of exploration, self-discovery, and global friendships. Your adventure awaits!


Outdoor Living

  • Basic outdoor education: All seasons
  • Sustainable lifestyle
  • Nature and environment

Community, culture and language

  • Community involvement
  • Culture and religion
  • Europe: Erasmus plus
  • Norwegian and english lessons


  • Travel and explore Norway

    Travel - Norway

    Class exursion in Norway for 2 – 3 weeks, where we will visit both coastlines with fjords and coastculture, and norwegian mountain aeras autumn and wintertime. We will plan the travel together in the class.

    During the travel we will have focus on language, culture and historie, together with a lot of exiting activities and experiences

    Teachers on the course

    Johanne Ottilie Espe

    With a background as a teacher, a Master’s in Cultural Encounters, and study experiences in Bolivia, India, and Germany, Johanne brings diverse educational insights. Her commitment extends to volunteering and societal development. An outdoor enthusiast in both summer and winter, Johanne is excited to share her passion for nature and community engagement with you.

    Equipment list

    You will need to provide this equipment yourself:

    • Backpack: 75 l
    • Small backpack
    • Sleepingbag (all seasons)
    • Sleeping mat
    • Cuttlery for camping (cup, plate, knife, fork, spoon)
    • Warm clothes – we reccomend wool
    • Wind- and rainproof jacket and pants
    • Hiking boots
    • Headlamp 
    • Skis (cross country or mountain skis)

    Please let us know if there is anything you need help with! Some of the equipment will be possible to borrow at school. All the sport stores in Verdal give our students a 20 % discount, and there you will find everything you need.

    Weekly Schedule

    In addition to core courses, you’ll also have common and elective subjects. Common subjects are invaluable for building community and preparing for life after school. Electives allow you to delve into specific interests – a chance to try something new or improve a skill you already enjoy. Here’s an overview of the electives we offer.

    No two weeks are the same, but a typical week might look like this:

    Every day: breakfast + morning assembly (thought for the day, news highlights, birthday acknowledgments, and other important information).

    • Monday: Room cleaning, Dormitory subject, Dormitory meeting, lunch, and core course.
    • Tuesday: Elective subjects all day.
    • Wednesday: Common subjects, lunch, and core course.
    • Thursday: Core course all day.
    • Friday: Core course. Dormitory cleaning before dinner.
    • Saturday: Seminar/activity/trip, student evening, Saturday treat with a warm meal.


    From NOK 123 750,-


    • Classes
    • All meals
    • Room in a shared accommodation at the school
    • All mandatory activities of the course
    • School-wide trip to Spain and Gibraltar (incl. 3 meals per day)
    • Course trip: Norway (incl. 3 meals per day)
    • Local excursions
    • Songbook
    • Accident insurance
    • Free use of student kitchen and specialty rooms
    • Internet
    • Washing machine

    Minimum price for the course: 123 750,-
    The price includes a double room with a bathroom in the hallway.

    Read more about our prices and room types here.

    Loans and Grants

    For the academic year 2023/2024, you can receive up to NOK 125,370 from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. 60 percent of this amount is a loan, 40 percent is a grant that can be converted to a scholarship upon approved completion of your year at the folk high school.

    Read more about scholarships for Folk High School here.


    Qustions about the course or the school?

    School administration: 74 04 91 00 / adm@bakketun.fhs.no